The advisors in healthcare team combines scientific and medical expertise with economic know-how. Since 2006, we have worked on more than 200 projects and thereby added value for enterprises and investors in the healthcare field.

As Managing Director, Anne Kuhbier is responsible for the Healthcare Consulting sector. Her project work is focused on strategy development, operative support for obtaining market access and reimbursement as well as the development of stakeholder-specific communication concepts. Anne Kuhbier holds a Diploma in Biology and can resort to more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in the market-research assisted consulting for organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech sectors.

Anne Kuhbier

Managing Director

As Senior Associate, Annina Schmidt is focused on the development of strategies for market access and reimbursement, stakeholder mapping as well as overarching project management. Furthermore, she is responsible for commercial due diligence projects and market and competitor analyses. Annina Schmidt holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology with a focus on Oncology, Immunology and Microbiology. Her education and her scientific work provide her with broad expertise regarding pathophysiological alterations and methods in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Annina Schmidt

Senior Associate

As Analyst, Katharina Boldt supports the team in the collection, preparation and analysis of market data, particularly with regard to the outcomes of AMNOG early benefit assessments and reimbursement price negotiations for new pharmaceuticals. Moreover, she is involved in the development of information and training materials. Katharina Boldt is currently studying economics with an emphasis on health economics. Trained interdisciplinary, she is aware of the mechanisms, challenges and strategies of economic behavior in the healthcare sector.

Katharina Boldt


M.D. Dominik Pförringer is a consulting partner of advisors in healthcare. Being an expert in hospital topics, his project activities focus on bringing physicians’, entrepreneurs’ and investors' interests into beneficial interaction for all involved parties. Moreover, Dominik Pförringer advises investors and actors in the healthcare startup sector on investment matters as well as market access topics. Dominik Pförringer is a practicing specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery. Beyond that, he holds an INSEAD MBA and can resort to extensive experience in management consulting.

Dr. med. Dominik Pförringer


As Managing Director, Marcus Geier is responsible for the Mergers & Acquisitions sector. His project work is focused on deal sourcing for investors, especially for private equity and family offices, as well as due diligence services within M&A projects. Furthermore, he is involved in growth financing and succession planning for healthcare SMEs. Marcus Geier holds a Diploma in Economics with a specialization in healthcare. He can resort to his experience in management consulting and hospital management.

Marcus Geier

Managing Director

As Associate, Veronika Rieder is responsible for detailed market potential analyses including the execution and evaluation of expert interviews. Furthermore, she supports the team in the areas of market access, commercial due diligence and M&A. Veronika Rieder holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Economics with a focus on pharmaceuticals management. Her specific knowledge in pharma economics is complemented by the practical experience she has gained in the administration of hospitals and medical service centers (German MVZs).

Veronika Rieder


Paul Schirmer supports the team as Analyst in the M&A field, particularly in the selection and approach of suitable targets as well as the completion of administrative duties in the deal sourcing process. Furthermore, his tasks encompass quantitative and qualitative market analyses which enable the exploration of attractive fields for investment in the healthcare sector. Paul Schirmer is studying law with a focus on corporate and capital market law. His profound understanding of legal frameworks and requirements is an important component of our M&A projects and provides significant added value for clients and cooperation partners.

Paul Schirmer