M&A in Healthcare

advisors in healthcare is specialized in the comprehensive support of M&A transactions in healthcare. We serve as advisors to entrepreneurs and corporations as well as Private-Equity-Funds on buy side and sell side transactions. Our clients benefit from our in-depth market and sector expertise as well as from our reliable network of functional specialists covering the entire healthcare environment.

Buy Side

Acquisitions are an excellent opportunity for external growth. In close consultation with our clients we develop the most suitable acquisition strategy. Moreover, we help to enhance the positioning of our clients in the acquisition process.

advisors in healthcare offers various transaction services. We perform commercial due diligence and also support you in financing issues. After a successful acquisition, we work to ensure a smooth integration process.

Sell Side

On the sell side, advisors in healthcare puts its emphasis on a thorough analysis of the company to be sold and the preparation of an appealing information memorandum. Furthermore, we develop a promising sales strategy and identify potential buyers. We cooperate closely with our clients in order to design a made-to-measure auction process for each of our clients. That way, we achieve the optimal result, be it a maximization of the sales price or the continued operation of your enterprise.

On the buy side as well as on the sell side we ensure the smooth interaction between all parties involved in the process, e.g. lawyers, tax consultants and accountants.

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