Due Diligence in Healthcare

During an acquisition process, a professional due diligence performed by industry experts is crucial.

Since 2006, advisors in healthcare has successfully conducted a multitude of due diligence projects in different areas of healthcare. Our consulting focus lies on commercial due diligences where we put our emphasis on looking ahead instead of only analyzing historic data. We scrutinize the sustainability of the target’s business model and assess internal and external influencing factors. In healthcare, it is especially important to focus on market access, reimbursement and technology. advisors in healthcare has the necessary in-depth expertise to provide you with competent advice regarding those crucial topics.

We devise comprehensive information documents in order to enable you to make a well-founded Go/No-Go decision. Depending on your needs, advisors in healthcare either prepares a red flag analysis or a detailed due diligence report.

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Commercial Due Diligence
Reimbursement Due Diligence
Regulatory Due Diligence

In a commercial due diligence, we verify the sustainability of a target’s business model. In this process, we analyze risks and opportunities on the market side as well as strengths and weaknesses on the company side. This enables you to take a competent, fact-based decision.

Reimbursement by payors is a crucial success factor for nearly all healthcare businesses. Thus, a detailed reimbursement due diligence is indispensable. advisors in healthcare provides you with detailed information on the opportunities or threats regarding the reimbursement for a product or service.

Healthcare is governed by stringent regulatory conditions. We give you a simple overview of what has to be considered in your respective situation. Moreover, advisors in healthcare can point out regulatory risks that your business model might entail.