Company divestments in Healthcare

On the sell side, advisors in healthcare puts special emphasis on a careful of the enterprise to be divested in order to create an appealing information memorandum. We develop a promising divestment strategy and research potentially interested parties. Together with you, we tailor the auction process to your organization's needs. Thus, we can achieve an optimal result for you, be it the maximization of the sales price or securing the company's existence.

  • Development of a transaction strategy
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Approach of potential buyers
  • Obtaining of indicative offers
  • Coordination of Due Diligence
  • Contract signing
  • Transfer of ownership / closing 
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Marcus Geier

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What we can do for you
Transaction support
Negotiation and Closing
  • Strategy development for the evolving process
  • Development of an Information Memorandum
  • Development of a target list with potentially interested parties
  • Obtaining of indicative offers
  • Establishment of data room
  • Coordination of Due Diligence
  • Obtaining of binding offers
  • Joint selection of preferred buyers
  • Signing & Closing