Marketing & Sales in Healthcare


In the healthcare market, framework conditions are strongly dependent on political decisions. Thus, the orientation of your organization's Marketing & Sales approach may be subject to change far more often than in other lines of business.

As an expert consultancy in healthcare, advisors in healthcare supports you in identifying strategies suitable to attain your organization's objectives within the current regulatory framework. Our market-oriented viewpoint from the outside serves to reconcile your marketing strategy with your sales objectives and the expectations of your customers. If required, we enhance your strategy paper with detailed explanations of regulatory requirements specific for the German market in order to facilitate your negotiations with high level management in your international corporation.

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Anne Kuhbier Managing Director

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What we can do for you
Develop marketing & sales strategies
Establish regulatory conformity
Develop documents for internal communication

advisors in healthcare develops custom-fit marketing & sales strategies for a single product or for your entire product portfolio. It is our firm commitment to develop strategies which accommodate the indication-specific market forces as well as your organization-specific requirements.

The healthcare market is among the most regulated markets overall. advisors in healthcare experts ensure that your marketing & sales processes meet the regulatory requirements.

Within your international corporation, you are continuously tasked with communicating the specifics of the German healthcare market and the resulting challenges for your products to your corporate leadership. advisors in healthcare processes data and information for your communication within your international corporation and thus supports the implementation of your commercial objectives.