Commercial Due Diligence & Market Analysis


For each strategic business decision, you have to rely on your profound knowledge of the market environment. However, there are usually not enough competent internal resources to compile a through market assessment. advisors in healthcare has experts in nearly all areas of the healthcare field at its disposal. Thus, we can enhance a profound presentation of data with valuable expert insights.


Assessments and workshops attuned to the specific needs of your organization give you the opportunity to experience the work of advisors in healthcare's experts while generating value for your organization.

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Anne Kuhbier Managing Director

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What we can do your you
Exploration of cooperation opportunities
Assessment of commercialization opportunities
Development of potential solutions for future challenges

Cooperations can make a major contribution to achieving your organization's objectives. advisors in healthcare researches potential cooperation partners for your organization, coordinates with you to make first contacts and may support the negotiation of a cooperation contract upon request.

Market research and market analysis experts at advisors in healthcare prepare a profound assessment of the commercialization opportunities for your innovative product development or your acquisition.

Decision-making with regard to the future orientation of your organization should always include an outside opinion. advisors in healthcare examines your organization with a well-trained view from the outside and supports you in developing strategies for the future.