Operative Services for Healthcare Investors

Private Equity investors make high demands on their portfolio companies. advisors in healthcare's expert interim managers are fully committed to support medium-sized healthcare companies in not only meeting their investors' objectives, but in exceeding them.

We support organizations from the moment an investor becomes a shareholder and put our focus on growth and value enhancement. A team especially attuned to your needs provides operative support through all phases of your investment process and facilitates the integration of newly acquired companies into your existing portfolio.

During the implementation of Buy & Build concepts, advisors in healthcare's interim managers can put a face to your enterprise and give you the benefit of their expertise and their reputation in healthcare to enhance the probability of success in negotiations with further targets.

Our operative services provide support for Private Equity investors from acquisition to exit. Thus, advisors in healthcare helps you to achieve a continuously increasing value of portfolio companies and thus contributes to the value creation of your fund.

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Marcus Geier

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What we can do for you
Support integration
Implement Buy & Build concepts
Achieve continuous value enhancement

advisors in healthcare's experienced interim managers facilitate the integration of newly acquired companies into your existing portfolio. We introduce up to date controlling standards and identify synergy potentials with your existing portfolio companies.

In case you have devised a Buy & Build concept but are lacking a suitable team for its implementation, advisors in healthcare's expert interim managers are ready to support your project. We act as representatives of your proposition, negotiate with potential targets and manage operations in the beginning of the Buy & Build process.

Our interim management team implements 100-day plans and includes all departments in an integrated value enhancement approach. Through the implementation of efficient management systems, advisors in healthcare's experts see to a sustainable organic growth and create the basis for further external growth.