Interim Management in Healthcare

Finding a suitable managing director for your organization costs valuable time. While a managing director’s position is vacant, important strategic and operative issues must not be neglected. advisors in healthcare's experts have successfully worked in leadership positions throughout the healthcare industry. Within a minimum amount of time, they familiarize themselves with pending tasks and assume temporary leadership of your organization.

Since the advisors in healthcare expert pool is covering all relevant sectors of the healthcare market, we are able to appoint experts with pinpoint precision to companies in the fields of pharma, medtech, laboratory and diagnostics, in-patient and out-patient medical care as well as healthcare services.

Moreover, our interim managing directors can revert to support from our well-versed team in Munich to act successfully right from the start of an engagement.

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Marcus Geier

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What we can do for you
Take on strategic and operative management
Direct change projects
Achieve turnaround

Through their long-term leadership experience and extensive networks within healthcare, our interim managing directors can create considerable value for your company. advisors in healthcare's interim managers not only buy you sufficient time to find a permanent managing director, they also contribute their expertise to your organization and take part in actively shaping its development and progress.

Your company is in need of sustainable strategic change and you think that this change process can benefit from well-versed outside guidance?

As interim managing directors, our experts drive change projects. Our experienced change makers create the framework for successful transformations in your company and develop a sustainable change concept. We do not rely on patent remedies but on dynamic, professional and at the same time cautious implementation of your change process.

Our interim managers do not resign in the face of adversity. Instead, they mobilize their entire energies for realizing the turnaround of your organization.

In a first step, the advisors in healthcare turnaround experts analyze the situation and assess the reasons for the current problems. In the second step, an interim managing director from our expert team guides the development of a realistic restructuring concept with a clear growth perspective and directs its consequent operative implementation