Pricing & Reimbursement

Framework conditions for pricing and reimbursement in European markets are highly regulated and vary widely between different countries. The German drug price regulated by AMNOG legislation is often used as a reference for pricing negotiations in other European countries. Thus, manufacturers need to develop a comprehensive pricing & reimbursement strategy under consideration of effects exerted on European reference pricing and specific reimbursement mechanisms in the important markets.

Together with numerous cooperation partners in different European countries, advisors in healthcare supports your organization in meeting country-specific requirements for reimbursement. With regard to approach of and communication with payors, advisors in healthcare relies on established relationships to important decision makers

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Anne Kuhbier

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What we can do for you
Options for Pricing & Reimbursement
National and international pricing strategies
Payor communication
  • Description of country-specific pricing regulations (internal and external reference price system)
  • Analysis of price level and willingness to pay
  • Description of country-specific reimbursement regulations
  • Identification of product-specific requirements and opportunities for reimbursement








  • Development of national pricing strategies
  • Development of discount models
  • Development of value added service concepts
  • Development of European reference price models
  • Development of pan-European pricing strategies and launch sequences


  • Elaboration of a suitable pricing negotiation strategy
  • Development of strategic communication concepts and negotiation tactics
  • Preparation and support in pricing and contract negotiations
  • Support in payor approach and payor interaction
  • Support in the preparation of German "NUB" applications for new diagnostic or therapeutic methods