Market Access in Healthcare

For each market access process, you have to coordinate multiple departments with numerous decision makers within your organization as well as external service providers in order to develop national or international market access strategies. The launch of innovative drugs, medical devices or diagnostics has to meet numerous regulatory challenges like the German

AMNOG benefit assessment for innovative drugs governed by § 35a SGB V, the benefit assessment for medical devices governed by § 137h SGB V or the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) that came into effect just recently.

advisors in healthcare supports you in the identification of promising market access strategies. Together with you, we develop a comprehensive concept covering product launch and all associated negotiations with decision makers.

Throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, advisors in healthcare can provide you with tailored support for your organization on any scale - project-related, as an interim solution or continuously as an outsourced market access department.

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Anne Kuhbier

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What we can do for you
Regulatory Framework


Market Access Strategy
Operative Support

  • Identification and assessment of current and planned future legal frameworks
  • Identification of specific preconditions and documents required for market access
  • Mapping of relevant authorities and institutions
  • Feasibility check

  • Market analysis designed to identify feasible market access strategies
  • Strategic development of national and international market access concepts
  • Planning of content and timeline for the market access process 

  • Multi-project management, e.g. for procedures governed by German AMNOG legislation
  • Interim management, on-site or from remote
  • Coordination and supervision of different parallel project tracks
  • Outsourced market access department for a longer time period