Innovation & Digitization in Healthcare


Your organization's future depends on its innovative power. However, daily business usually absorbs your entire attention, thus leaving far too little time for the key topic "innovation".

advisors in healthcare helps you to bestow more attention on the innovation and digitization challenges your organization is facing. We work as competent facilitators for your entire innovation process. We advise you in the implementation of internal processes using embedded feedback loops that make the exchange of ideas and experience really work.


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Anne Kuhbier Managing Director

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What we can do for you
Develop visions
Identify ideas and assess feasibility
Support implementation and commercialization

Experienced moderators and strategists from the advisors in healthcare network contribute profound market experience to support you in the development of visions for your organization's future.

In moderated workshops, we facilitate the generation of ideas to meet your organization's challenges. In a subsequent process, the advisors in healthcare expert team will then examine the feasibility of those ideas.

Together with your team, the advisors in healthcare innovation experts devise an implementation plan for your innovative products and projects. Marketing & sales specialists provide support for a successful market launch.