Capital Raising in Healthcare

At advisors in healthcare, our focus is on your needs. As independent advisors, we identify the financing solution that is best suited to your requirements and we support you throughout your capital raising process. We can draw on our extensive business experience, knowing big financial institutions as well as small, highly specialized investment boutiques and potential partners for strategic investments.

Whether it is about capital raising for start-ups and mid-market companies or about the optimization of an existing capital structure, with advisors in healthcare you have a competent partner for all financing issues at your side.

We develop strategies, identify potential investors and, based on your business plans, create presentation materials that empower you to win over investors. Furthermore, we can offer to attend financing negotiations together with you and we ensure a smooth interaction between all parties involved in the financing process.

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Marcus Geier

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What we can do for you
Prepare pitch deck & information memorandum
Identify investors
Address investors

The support of advisors in healthcare gives you an edge for your pitches. A professional pitch deck clearly increases your chances of finding a suitable investor. Besides the pitch deck, we can also prepare an information memorandum that addresses questions of potential investors before they are asked.

Due to its extensive experience in Corporate Finance, the advisors in healthcare team knows many investors in person. Moreover, we are pleased to conduct research for you in order to find those investors that are willing to support your healthcare project.

We know how to initiate successful negotiations. With your information memorandum at hand, our team approaches investors to convince them of your idea. Upon request, we also support our clients throughout further negotiations.