The digitization of the healthcare industry has long been awaited and accelerated rapidly in the recent past. Important drivers of the growth are technological advancements and an increased user adoption rate of digital solutions in general. The willingness of patients to take an active role in their health management on the one hand and the demographic change in connection with limited healthcare resources on the other hand also drive growth and increase the importance of tech-enabled therapy approaches. Finally, a multitude of start-ups is creating a broad range of forward-thinking concepts in digital healthcare, rendering them very important catalysts.

advisors in healthcare examined opportunities in digital healthcare and outlined in an ADVICE several ways how to overcome challenges in this field.

Key findings include

Innovative digital healthcare solutions must help to overcome fundamental clinical pain-points and user demands, must include a sustainable remuneration model and must follow legal and data protection regulation to realize a successful commercialization.

Regardless of perspective or role, all healthcare players have to cope with the same key challenges when dealing with digital healthcare.

Successful development and implementation of digital healthcare solutions requires cooperations between all players, including start-ups, established healthcare industries and dauntless investors.

advisors in healthcare can accelerate digital health solutions by supporting start-ups, industry players, health insurance companies and investors with strategy development and hands-on digital innovation management. Please review our detailed service portfolio in the advice.