challenges of benefit assessment – how to optimize your market access strategy

Rigorous benefit evaluation procedures for new pharmaceuticals have added significant challenges to the market access process in several countries. We are proud to provide the first issue of “advice”, a collection of tips for healthcare decision makers who will have to tackle these new challenges. In order to pass the “AMNOG“ process in Germany, pharmaceutical companies will have to go far beyond the traditional strategies of KOL engagement and pricing panels.

Market access has been the hot topic during the last two years, and it is not a transient trend anymore. In Germany, more than 70 benefit dossiers were assessed by the authorities. Currently, pharma seems to be struggling with the right strategy for getting global market access requirements, dossier project management, pricing, marketing & sales and post-launch regional market access aligned.

In this issue of “advice”, we would like to present you with the Advisors in Healthcare way of managing the demands of modern pharma marketing. In order to achieve sustainable success in the German healthcare market, let us introduce you to our powerful solutions to one of your most important strategic challenges.

With best regards,
Roman Rittweger, MD & MBA

advice mag #1